What Are Your Best Day-After Marathon Misery Stories?

The New York City marathon was yesterday, meaning today there are about 48,000 people who are feeling beat to hell today. What's the worst thing that happened to you, in yesterday's race, or ever: Toenails fall off? Peeing blood? Global refusal to get the hell out of bed until next decade? Open forum, tell us your sob… » 11/04/13 3:16pm 11/04/13 3:16pm

The Terrifying Hell A Marathon Inflicts On The Human Body

The New York City marathon is today! Most people take training for a marathon seriously, because it's a huge day that they work toward all year, and also because it's based on a guy literally dying from running too fast and far. Other people don't. Here's Dr. Matt McCarthy on the very bad stuff that happens to the… » 11/03/13 10:54am 11/03/13 10:54am

Why Marathoners (Especially Men) Are "Irrational" Runners

If you're going to sacrifice your body to run 26.2 miles all at once, shouldn't you at least run them as best you can? Eric Allen (USC) and Patricia Dechow (Berkeley) took a look at finishing times for 300,000 Chicago Marathon runners from 2003 to 2011, concluding, in the style of all behavioral economics papers, that… » 11/01/13 3:19pm 11/01/13 3:19pm

The Terrifying Hell A Marathon Inflicts On The Human Body

Pamela Anderson running on a beach is one of those indelible images in American pop culture. And so there were a lot of yuks when she announced earlier this fall that she'd be running in the New York City Marathon, which takes place this Sunday. Pam Anderson running—for 26.2 miles! Except, when she went on Ellen and… » 10/31/13 4:02pm 10/31/13 4:02pm

The People Who Watch Marathons

Yesterday, when attacks on the Boston Marathon injured scores of people, mostly spectators, every runner I know spent the day wandering around in a daze, then either going on an angry run or curling up in the fetal position at 9 pm. The spectators — people who show up and cheer with noisemakers and high fives and… » 4/16/13 5:20pm 4/16/13 5:20pm

101-Year-Old Man Retires From Running Marathons, Shaming You

Well, it was bound to happen. Fauja Singh, the old guy who is too old to prove how old he is, announced he will be retiring from running marathons. It's worth mentioning again, though, that he is almost 102 years old and still actively running marathons. Next month's Hong Kong Marathon on February 24, however, will be … » 1/27/13 1:20pm 1/27/13 1:20pm

Marathoner Sets Course Record, Is Named Winner, Realizes He…

Yesterday looked like it was going to be a hell of a day for Olok Nykew, a 37-year-old St. Paul man who was running the Sioux Falls Marathon. Barely tired, Nykew suddenly spotted the finish line ahead, with no other runners around him. Had he really run 26.2 miles? It didn't feel that way, but the cheers of the crowd… » 9/10/12 11:10am 9/10/12 11:10am