Patrick Kane Turns Marc-Andre Fleury Into A Pile Of Limbs In Shootout

Fine, shootouts are bad at determining the outcomes of games, but let's shelf that argument for another time and instead watch Patrick Kane punk Marc-Andre Fleury with the same effort required to put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Actually, you probably exert more effort making a peanut butter and jelly… »2/15/15 5:28pm2/15/15 5:28pm


Crossbar Keeps Rangers Scoreless; Marc-André Fleury Shows It Some Love

The Rangers have hit the post or crossbar three times tonight, and remain scoreless through most of two periods. The Penguins have done it twice, but they've also hit the net twice for a 2-0 lead. After Mats Zuccarello hit the crossbar halfway through the second period, a thankful Fleury was seen rubbing down the… »5/05/14 9:11pm5/05/14 9:11pm

Marc-Andre Fleury's Stadium Series Mask Looks Like A Steelers Helmet

Honest-to-goodness NHL hockey is back tonight! (Sort of.) But if you need some novelty to ease the transition from the Olympics to the stretch run, Saturday marks the fourth and final Stadium Series game. The Penguins will take on the Blackhawks at Soldier Field, and as is tradition, both goalies will take the ice… »2/25/14 3:28pm2/25/14 3:28pm

Scenes From An Execution: Here's All 17 Goals Marc-Andre Fleury's Allowed To The Flyers This Series

The Philadelphia Flyers increased their Stanley Cup playoff series lead on Pittsburgh to 3-0 yesterday after a mess of a game best illustrated through metaphor. The six goals allowed by Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury ran his total allowed in the series to 17—a number that looks even worse when compiled into one… »4/16/12 2:40pm4/16/12 2:40pm

Marc-Andre Fleury Was Not Injured, So Feel Free To Laugh At Him Getting Bulldozed By A Teammate

Until we could get word on his condition, we've avoided making fun of Marc-Andre Fleury's collision after leaving his net for a poke check on Frans Nielsen's breakaway at the end of the second period of a 5-3 Islanders win. Stifle mirth no longer! The Penguins netminder is fine after taking an elbow to the head from… »3/28/12 2:20pm3/28/12 2:20pm