Report: Marc Trestman Lost The Bears When He Rewarded A Player For Shoving A Coach

The real controversy over Greg Hardy is not his actions on the sideline, but the Cowboys’ treatment of it. He freaked out for a couple of minutes, as players do in the heat of a game. But whereas many observers saw it as a loss of control, the Cowboys portrayed it as leadership. That’s the sort of spin that can… »10/28/15 11:25am10/28/15 11:25am


Bears' OC Gives Tearful Apology For Criticizing Jay Cutler To Reporter

Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer stood up in front of the offense earlier this week, and offered an emotional apology for telling an NFL Network reporter in a conversation that was later reported on TV that Jay Cutler's play has "killed" the Bears. Cutler, according to the Chicago Tribune, "shook his head"… »12/12/14 8:52am12/12/14 8:52am

Twitter Users Harass Marc Trestman's Daughters After Bears Loss

The Packers manhandled the Bears last night, and Chicago fans have had it with head coach Marc Trestman. Some of these angry, impotent people have access to Twitter, and have decided to direct their rage onto Trestman's two daughters, Chloe and Sarahanne, two people who have no coaching or playing duties with the… »11/10/14 6:04pm11/10/14 6:04pm