Presenting The Two Most Preposterous Sentences Ever Written About Derek Jeter, As Of 11:06 A.M. Today

Would you like to read the two silliest sentences ever written about Derek Jeter in the mainstream press? Two sentences so silly that if you told me someone had liberated all the drunk tanks within the Beltway and set the good folks loose inside whatever inflatable bouncer passes for the USA Today newsroom, whereupon… »7/08/11 11:06am7/08/11 11:06am

The Yankees' Ticket Market Thinks Derek Jeter Is Ted Williams Or Something

It's pretty easy to estimate the number of hits a player will get over a small number of at-bats. For instance, any player batting between .125 and .375 obtains, to the nearest whole number, one hit in four AB. Walks complicate things, but not much. That's why, with Derek Jeter sitting three hits away from the… »7/07/11 6:46pm7/07/11 6:46pm

Derek Jeter Responsible For All 27 Outs In Yankee Loss

Some history was made last night. In his return from the DL, Derek Jeter reclaimed his leadoff spot and promptly went 0-for-4. But that's not news: Jeter's gone 0-for-4 plenty of times this year. Plenty. What is news is that the Yankees only managed to squeeze out four hits against Indians pitching. Since that potent… »7/05/11 10:40am7/05/11 10:40am