The State Of Florida Excoriates Florida A&M For Failures That Led To Hazing Death

We recently directed your attention to the story of Robert Champion's hazing death—Champion, a drum major at Florida A&M, was beaten to death by fellow members of school's famed marching band. Investigators from the Florida Board of Governors inspector general's office wrote a report on the school's role in the event,… »12/29/12 4:25pm12/29/12 4:25pm

An Account Of The Horrific Hazing That Robert Champion And Other Florida A&M Band Members Endured

Next Monday, Nov. 19, will mark one year since Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion was beaten to death while being hazed by members of the university's famed marching band, the Marching 100. Yesterday, Ben Montgomery of the Tampa Bay Times published a very thorough account of the incident that led to Champion's… »11/12/12 12:40pm11/12/12 12:40pm