Meet The Nearly Naked Calendar Boys Of Ohio State's Band

Back in July, Ohio State fired its band director after it discovered a raunchy band culture that included fake orgasms, explicit songs, and nicknames like "Pat Fenis." Now former band director Jonathan Waters has sued Ohio State. The university recently answered in court and, as part of the court filings, mention… »10/23/14 1:20pm10/23/14 1:20pm


'Naked Van!' Could This Be The End For The UC Davis Marching Band?

What happens when a new, straightlaced band director tries to instill a little discipline into a notoriously rowdy college marching band? Hilarity ensues, of course. Welcome to the UC Davis Aggies Marching band, which is apparently in big trouble with university authorities for a series of recent rule-breaking… »10/06/08 6:00pm10/06/08 6:00pm