The Bengals Really Could Break Their 8,400-Day Playoff Winless Streak Today

For a summer in college I interned for the sports department of the Columbus Dispatch, which sent me for a few days to cover Cincinnati Bengals training camp. The 1990s had just come to a close—a dismal era even by the Bengals' standards—and the beat writers killed time during practice by stumping one another with… »1/05/13 2:40pm1/05/13 2:40pm


Marcus Allen Is Smoking Something If He Thinks College Kids Hitting The Bong Is Like The Debt Crisis

Here we have a couple intelligent men discussing marijuana during Fox's college football halftime show. Marcus Allen, hall of fame running back, and this other guy are about to have a serious chat about athletes and drugs. Then we hear about the elephant in the living room—as though college kids doing drugs is… »9/02/12 1:53pm9/02/12 1:53pm