Terrible Basketball Column Sends Us Through The Looking Glass

Writing parodies of a terrible sports columns is a thing that all the cool kids on the internet like to do these days. On Sunday, our friend @FanSince09 wrote one such column at Zoo With Roy about the Philadelphia 76ers' decision to hire the analytics-driven Sam Hinkie as their general manager. It was a fun piece of… »5/13/13 11:30am5/13/13 11:30am

Philadelphia Daily News Columnist Marcus Hayes Suggests NBA Players Don't Know Who Their Fathers Are

Here's a clip from today's Daily News roundup program on CSN Philly, where a discussion of the Minnesota Wild team members bringing their fathers on a trip to play the Flyers tonight is brought to a grinding halt by columnist Marcus Hayes's "It's a good thing they don't do that in the NBA." »1/17/12 5:35pm1/17/12 5:35pm