Mardy Fish Drilled A Wimbledon Line Judge In The Eye With A 118-Mile-Per-Hour Serve

For a tennis line judge, keeping your eye on the ball isn't as important as keeping your eye on the line. Surprising, then, that judges don't find themselves victimized by errant serves more often, as happened today at Wimbledon during a fourth-round match between American Mardy Fish and Frenchman Jo-Wilfried… »7/02/12 11:47am7/02/12 11:47am

Alas, Mardy Fish: American Tennis Rots From The Head Down

There was a single American remaining in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon this year, and his name was Mardy Fish. His is never a name that inspires confidence or even optimism in tennis fans in the United States, most of whom are still lamenting the retirement of Pete Sampras a decade ago. Fish lost to Rafael Nadal… »6/29/11 3:45pm6/29/11 3:45pm