MLB Drug Testing Drives One Prospect From Marijuana To Alcohol

The AP has a story about top Astros prospect Jon Singleton, the point of which seems to be to leave readers feeling inspired by Singleton's journey from being a marijuana-addicted and troubled youngster to clean-living prospect knocking on the door of the big leagues. And I suppose it is that kind of story, if you… » 3/03/14 6:34pm 3/03/14 6:34pm

Mark Brunell Claims Weed Ruins Lives, Calls For Increased NFL Testing

Former NFL quarterback Mark Brunell appeared on ESPN this morning to warn viewers of the scourge of marijuana, claiming it destroys the brain and ruins lives while demanding the NFL step up its testing and enforcement of an anti-weed policy. His claims were in response to Ryan Clark's recognition that many NFL players… » 2/07/14 10:59am 2/07/14 10:59am

Davone Bess Tweets (Another) Photo Of Weed

Browns receiver Davone Bess tweeted a photo of some weed this morning. This is noteworthy only insofar as marijuana is illegal, though increasingly decriminalized, and a banned substance in the NFL, though ubiquitous and largely unpoliced, and we presume that most of the NFL's rookie symposium consists of players being … » 1/16/14 11:40am 1/16/14 11:40am

Smoke Weed and Be Skinny: The Stoner Diet Plan

A recent study out of the University of Nebraska, the Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center shows that pot smokers, on average, have smaller waists and higher levels of "good cholesterol" than non pot smokers even though they tend to eat more. Finally, a diet plan that's fun and » 5/16/13 11:39am 5/16/13 11:39am

It Now Only Takes One Third As Much Marijuana—Or "Street Drugs"—To Fail…

Maybe you thought the NCAA would be busy covering its ass for illegally paying Nevin Shapiro's attorney to help it gather information to incriminate Miami. But the NCAA is big enough that it can break its own rules while stupidly making other stupid rules even stupider. To that end, it's cracking down on the green… » 1/25/13 5:45pm 1/25/13 5:45pm

Dope Scandal: Why Is ESPN's Drugs-In-College-Football Story So Stupid?

Honestly, I feel bad for everyone involved in the making of this ESPN The Magazine feature about college football's marijuana "problem," which has to be the stupidest sports-and-dope story I've read in an allegedly reputable outlet since the Yahoo guy went running around the Syracuse campus with a pee cup. I feel bad for … » 4/18/12 5:32pm 4/18/12 5:32pm

Should You Eat Your Marijuana During A Police Stop? A Guide

Detroit Lions running back Mikel Leshoure is being arraigned today in Berrien County, Mich., court on a marijuana charge. As with many low-stakes weed busts, the details are whimsical: » 4/02/12 6:54pm 4/02/12 6:54pm

Police Pointed A Gun At Zach Randolph While He Was In Bed With A Woman

No charges were filed relating to a mansion party hosted by Zach Randolph outside of Portland last year, where a marijuana dealer alleged he was assaulted by Randolph's entourage after a "disagreement in price" over the weed he was selling. This week, police have released a trove of documents relating to the… » 3/15/12 2:15pm 3/15/12 2:15pm

Elijah Dukes Tried His Best, But Couldn't Quite Swallow A Bag Of Weed…

Elijah Dukes, aka Elijah David Dukes Jr., aka Fly Eli, was arrested early this morning in Tampa. I know, not news. It's his 10th arrest in Hillsborough County alone, and the Tampa Tribune says he's been arrested "dozens of times" since 2001, on charges ranging from domestic violence to drug possession to driving with a… » 2/23/12 12:10pm 2/23/12 12:10pm