Worst Coaching Staff Ever Stole Playbooks, Vandalized Own School

Last week, an assistant coach at a Tennessee high school was arrested after it emerged that he had vandalized his own fieldhouse in an attempt to fire up his team before the big game. He's not the only Keystone Kop on staff. Three assistants were apparently involved with the vandalism, and one is accused of breaking… »11/21/13 10:06am11/21/13 10:06am


Football Coach Arrested For Vandalizing Own School To Inspire Team

The football rivalry between Marion County and South Pittsburg, both outside of Chattanooga, is a fierce one. But two weeks ago, the morning before the big game, Marion County discovered its fieldhouse covered in vulgar graffiti insulting the school, and including South Pittsburg's logo. But a police investigation… »11/15/13 11:04am11/15/13 11:04am