Mark Buehrle Will Leave His Family Behind Because His Dog Is Banned In Toronto

New Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle loves his puppies, American Staffordshire terrier Slater, and Vizslas Drake, Duke and Diesel. But Toronto doesn't love Slater. Ontario has a ban on pit bulls and related breeds, so Slater—big slobbery baby that he is—isn't allowed in the province. So rather than leave his dog behind… »2/18/13 11:20am2/18/13 11:20am


The Marlins Specifically Promised Not To Trade Jose Reyes And Mark Buehrle, Traded Jose Reyes And Mark Buehrle

Need another reason to hate the Marlins? Let's add this to the list (there's seriously a list): not only did the Miami Marlins and their awful ownership trade away half the team—they did so despite promising at least two stars, who signed with the Marlins this summer hoping to stay in Miami for some time, that they… »11/17/12 7:15pm11/17/12 7:15pm