This Year, Everyone At The Tour De France Is Crashing Out

The opening stage of this year's Tour de France was a blatant attempt to get Mark Cavendish his first yellow jersey. Organizers kicked off the race with a pancake-flat run into Harrogate, UK, where Cavendish's mother is from. It's probably the only time the peloton's most accomplished sprinter will race in a Grand… »7/18/14 1:57pm7/18/14 1:57pm


Mark Cavendish Eats It At The End Of First Stage Of Tour de France

Mark Cavendish was involved in (read: pretty much created) a crash in the final 400 meters of the opening stage of the Tour de France. While trying to create some room for himself to maneuver, he pushed against Simon Gerrans and the two bikes become entangled and they both went flying. Miraculously, neither man was… »7/05/14 1:26pm7/05/14 1:26pm

Going It Alone In The Tour De France Sucks, Even When You Have A Page 3 Girl In Your Corner

You can't win the tour alone. The flat stages featured in the first week tend to be fast, and feature a peloton riding as a single group through often narrow town streets. This is one reason crashes are most frequent during the first week. These stages favor the sprint specialists, and if the team has a contender for… »7/05/12 3:45pm7/05/12 3:45pm

At The Tour De France, A Star Rises (Then Does A Stupid Celebration)

Stage 3 of the 2012 edition of the Tour de France was taken by 22-year-old rising star Peter Sagan—the youngest winner of a Tour de France stage since Lance Armstrong did it at the age of 21 in 1993. Sagan has now won two stages, and you can expect him to win a couple more this tour (if not this week). The jersey… »7/03/12 6:15pm7/03/12 6:15pm

Massive Cycling Crash Results In Momentary Panic Over The Pink Jersey's Whereabouts

Frankly, I'm torn on which call is better: The American version, courtesy of Universal Sports, or the slightly more measured Russian perspective as heard on Eurosport. As for Phinney, he kept his pink jersey, got some X-rays at a local hospital, and returned to practice today, cankles and all. »5/08/12 1:50pm5/08/12 1:50pm