Michigan Gets Asses Kicked After Defacing Spartan Stadium With Spike

Can we talk about how weird and stupid this is? This is the Michigan Wolverines football team—awful in every way, from the tactical to the executive to the medical—shoving a spike into the Spartan Stadium turf and celebrating like a bunch of morons just prior to getting their shit kicked in by Michigan State 35-11. »10/26/14 1:56am10/26/14 1:56am


Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio Acts Like Michigan's Little Brother

During a panel discussion on recruiting before the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association, Mark Dantonio stoked the flames of the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry. While Michigan State sent its head coach to the event, Brady Hoke was busy being honored as a finalist for the Bear Bryant Award. Michigan sent… »1/21/12 12:38pm1/21/12 12:38pm