The One Fuck Up That Should Submarine The NCAA's O'Bannon Defense

Today is the final day of testimony in the anti-trust lawsuit brought against the NCAA by Ed O'Bannon. Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel has been on the scene at various points during the trial, and he's filed a dispatch today that highlights one very important fact about the NCAA's sad attempt to defend its cartel… » 6/27/14 1:19pm 6/27/14 1:19pm

Rich Asshole Mark Emmert Says He'd Be Happy To Be An Unpaid Athlete

NCAA president Mark Emmert was a guest on Dan Patrick's show this morning, and he said all the stupid things we've heard him say many times before while trying to defend the scam that is the NCAA. The entire interview is worth a listen, because Patrick isn't afraid to challenge Emmert, but I particularly enjoyed… » 4/21/14 3:43pm 4/21/14 3:43pm

The #AskEmmert Q&A Is Going Poorly

Mark Emmert is on Mike & Mike this morning, and the show asked listeners to submit questions for the NCAA president on Twitter, tagged #AskEmmert. It has, predictably, turned into a mini-revolt against the NCAA. » 4/18/14 8:56am 4/18/14 8:56am

Mark Emmert Rowed Back On The One-And-Done Rule Today

NCAA president Mark Emmert spoke at a public forum earlier today, and he said some surprising things about the one-and-done rule that prevents high school basketball players from skipping college and jumping straight to the NBA. » 12/11/13 2:47pm 12/11/13 2:47pm

The NCAA's Enforcement Division Is A Mess, And That's A Good Thing

This week's Sports Illustrated (print edition) includes a lengthy rundown of the bureaucratic troubles plaguing the NCAA's enforcement division. SI's take: That the ineptitude created by these troubles is preventing the NCAA from properly administering its rulebook. SI treats this as a problem, as something we all… » 6/12/13 7:42pm 6/12/13 7:42pm

Mark Emmert Is The NCAA's Teflon Don

Since taking over as president of the NCAA in 2010, Mark Emmert has overseen the unjust railroading of the Penn State football program in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, as well as the shoddily run investigation into the University of Miami, which only succeeded in revealing the NCAA to be just as shady… » 4/03/13 12:05pm 4/03/13 12:05pm

What Really Makes Us Sick About The Kevin Ware Injury

There isn't a lot known about the details surrounding Kevin Ware's injury, but there's already been a rush to discuss its place in the grander scheme of NCAA athletics. In short: college athletics is a scam. » 3/31/13 9:51pm 3/31/13 9:51pm

The NCAA And Miami Prepare For Battle

The NCAA has always gotten what it wanted. Because it made up the rules, and is the sole enforcer of them, the NCAA has never not been able to push around anyone in its way, be it players, programs or politicians. This time could have been different. After the investigation was screwed up so spectacularly, so… » 2/20/13 8:45am 2/20/13 8:45am

The NCAA Has A Lack Of Institutional Control

The NCAA's investigation of Miami screeched to a halt last month, as it emerged that the enforcement program had inappropriately paid booster Nevin Shapiro's attorney to help them nail the football program. That attorney, Maria Elena Perez, was actually on the NCAA's payroll—she received at least $20,000 to pass along… » 2/18/13 3:00pm 2/18/13 3:00pm

NCAA Had Nevin Shapiro's Defense Attorney On Its Payroll, Suspends…

Not a good day for the NCAA. The enforcement program, the hired guns responsible for investigating and recommending penalties for NCAA infractions, has come under its own scrutiny. The probe into the University of Miami booster scandal has been put on hold today, as president Mark Emmert announced a number of problems… » 1/23/13 2:10pm 1/23/13 2:10pm

How Penn State Could Have Fought The NCAA And Won

The NCAA dropped those "unprecedented" punishments on Penn State on Monday, and they're mighty. There's the usual—scholarship cuts, probation, bowl bans, vacated wins, a fine—but amplified to heretofore unseen levels. » 7/26/12 3:50pm 7/26/12 3:50pm

NCAA Launches Investigation Into Penn State's "Institutional Control"

The NCAA today notified Penn State president Rodney Erickson that it is launching an investigation into the university's "exercise of institutional control over its intercollegiate athletics programs, as well as the actions, and inactions, of relevant responsible personnel." » 11/18/11 3:35pm 11/18/11 3:35pm

The NCAA's Accidentally Leaked Five Years Of Financial Statements…

UPDATE (12:45 p.m.): According to the NCAA, these financial documents have always been readily available online. The NCAA has even offered up a link to their most recent financials to prove that they're "not hiding any money." We're stil waiting for clarification from the NCAA on other documents found online. » 11/17/11 2:25am 11/17/11 2:25am

Presenting Slo-Mo Video Of A Little League Player Taking A Baseball To…

Your morning roundup for Aug. 20, the ninth day that Delonte West will wake up hoping Home Depot calls. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. (Video from California's 11-0 win over Rhode Island H/T Shaun B). » 8/20/11 9:45am 8/20/11 9:45am

Lady At Cavs Game Confused By LeHomophone

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 12/03/10 9:55am 12/03/10 9:55am