Three Reasons To Be Skeptical Of The Sandusky Kiddie-Sex-Ring Rumor,…

Earlier today, Pittsburgh radio show host Mark Madden went on WEEI in Boston and passed along something that's been dancing around the internet and flying into our inbox ever since. You can listen to the audio above, but the comment in question is right here: » 11/10/11 4:06pm 11/10/11 4:06pm

ESPN Confusingly Rids Itself Of Mark Madden's Vileness

Hiring a "shock jock" at a radio station always comes with a certain amount of risk. The lines of good and bad taste are usually drawn up arbitrarily, and punishment for crossing this imaginary line is usually enforced when a certain segment of listeners, advertisers, or executives are personally offended by a… » 5/28/08 6:15pm 5/28/08 6:15pm