Your College Football (And Conference Championships) Open Thread

This is the place if you wanna yak about any of the conference championship games or any of the final-week-of-the-regular-season games in leagues wherein the NCAA's byzantine rules prohibit a title game. Something to ponder: the NCAA mandates that leagues only schedule championship games when they have 12 teams or… »12/01/12 11:45am12/01/12 11:45am

Mark Richt Says ESPN "Didn't Do Their Homework" On Knowshon Moreno Run

In case you haven't seen Knowshon Moreno's run against Central Michigan, it's linked after the jump and, despite ESPN's failure, over 100,000 fans have already found their way to the play. Georgia fans (and their coach) are up in arms over ESPN's perceived slight to their Heisman Trophy candidate. Not least because… »9/09/08 1:00pm9/09/08 1:00pm