Bernie Fine Will Sue ESPN, Claiming Defamation

Former Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine is preparing a lawsuit against ESPN, and will claim the network defamed him when it reported claims of child sexual abuse lodged by two former ballboys. » 3/29/13 4:26pm 3/29/13 4:26pm

Under Attack From Laurie Fine's Lawsuit, ESPN Releases Full Audiotape…

Yesterday Laurie Fine went to a castle to announce that her husband, Bernie, the former Syracuse basketball assistant, hadn't molested anybody, and that she would be suing ESPN for libel for repeating that charge, among others. Today, ESPN and one of Fine's accusers returned her lakeside volley. » 5/17/12 3:10pm 5/17/12 3:10pm

Laurie Fine To File Libel Suit Against ESPN

That "major announcement" that Laurie Fine promised for us later this morning, at a castle for some reason? It's exactly what you thought. Fine is bringing a libel lawsuit against ESPN, reporter Mark Schwarz, and producer Arty Berko for their reporting of child sexual abuse allegations against former Syracuse coach… » 5/16/12 9:50am 5/16/12 9:50am

One Of Bernie Fine's Accusers Says More About His Made-Up Allegation;…

Back in January, once portions of his story began not adding up, Zach Tomaselli admitted he had lied about allegations that former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine sexually abused him. That Tomaselli says so again in a televised report that aired this morning on CNY Central News is nothing new. But this … » 4/13/12 1:40pm 4/13/12 1:40pm

ESPN Keeps Trying To Pretend It Cared About The Bernie Fine…

ESPN's Mark Schwarz, the reporter who spent eight years not reporting the story that a Syracuse ballboy had accused assistant coach Bernie Fine of molesting him, has now taken his own turn in the spotlight on the ESPN Rationalization Tour by talking to Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch. As Deitsch recounts, after… » 12/01/11 5:00pm 12/01/11 5:00pm