Mark Teixeira's Fake Talk Show Is Actually Pretty Funny

I had no idea that Mark Teixeira has a fake talk show, which comes off as some kind of cross between Between Two Ferns and The Chris Farley Show, and I am upset about that because Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira is pretty funny. This is a surprising development, as I always just assumed that Mark Teixeira had the… » 6/05/14 5:51pm 6/05/14 5:51pm

Prince Harry Has A Pretty Decent Baseball Swing

Harry is in New York today, and he took part in a youth clinic in Harlem with Mark Teixeira. I can't think the prince has played much baseball in his life, but he got some good wood on that one. Or maybe Teixeira's just a horrible pitcher. » 5/15/13 2:16pm 5/15/13 2:16pm

Here's Umpire Jerry Meals Trying To Avoid To A Ball And Instead…

The New York Yankees are not getting along very well with Jerry Meals. Last week, the New York Daily News compared Meals to legendary goat Jeffrey Maier, and the usually robotic Mark Teixeira was moved to say Meals's out call in the ninth was "terrible"—he even said, " "Sometimes you wonder if the umpires are just… » 9/15/12 2:30pm 9/15/12 2:30pm

Spike Lee Catches A Bat At Yankee Stadium, Grins Like A Kid On Christmas

Must be pretty nice being Spike Lee: front row seats to the Knicks, moat-protected seats at Yankee Stadium, always at the games so he doesn't have to listen to announcers like Michael Kay make terrible puns with one of his more famous films. » 7/15/12 1:59pm 7/15/12 1:59pm

Going By "Kurt": The Most Interesting Thing Mark Teixeira Has Ever Done

Distraught over the suicide of Kurt Cobain, a young Mark Teixeira went by "Kurt" for a while, according to an interview with MLB Network. This was, of course, prior to being replaced by a switch-hitting automaton. [Walk Off Walk, photo via] » 6/22/10 3:00pm 6/22/10 3:00pm

OK, Enough With The Contrarian MVP Crap

Joe Mauer is your AL MVP. Not Mark Teixeira. Not Kendry Morales. Not Derek Jeter. He is MVP by just about every standard imaginable except for the one applied by bored sportswriters who need copy during an inert pennant race. » 9/04/09 2:00pm 9/04/09 2:00pm

Vicente Padilla Is Good At Making People, Androids Angry

Mark Teixeira after his double-plunk from Padilla: "Unfortunately, that guy has been doing it his whole career. Every time I've faced him since there seems to be balls near my head, near my body, and today I got hit twice. There's really no reason for it." [DMN] » 6/03/09 8:45am 6/03/09 8:45am

The 'Boo Teixeira' Movement Seems To Be Losing Steam

And so we have an early indication of why Mark Teixeira chose the Yankees over the Orioles this offseason. Game 3 of the series today at Camden Yards: Good seats still available. » 4/09/09 1:25pm 4/09/09 1:25pm

Yankees All Of A Sudden Don't Like Fan Interference

It's hard to imagine an opening day that could have gone better for the Orioles, and that doesn't just include the torrent of abuse they let loose on "Treasonous Tex." » 4/07/09 2:15pm 4/07/09 2:15pm

Orioles Fans Prepared To Explain To Teixeira That All Is Forgiven

The weather looks fine for the Orioles home opener today against the Yankees (4 p.m., ET), with the forecast calling for scattered clouds, variable winds and a 95 percent chance of heavy cursing at Mark Teixeira. » 4/06/09 3:30pm 4/06/09 3:30pm

Well Why Even Bother Playing The Season Now?

Yankees installed as 9/2 favorites to win World Series, followed by Red Sox (11/2), Cubs (8/1) and, wait for it ... New York Mets (8/1). And your MVP is Mark Teixeira. [Bodog] » 3/30/09 5:15pm 3/30/09 5:15pm

So This Is What $180 Million Foreplay Looks Like

Time to meet Leigh Teixeira, whom I fully expect to be sitting in a folding chair right next to first base during every inning that husband Mark plays this season. » 1/07/09 2:30pm 1/07/09 2:30pm

In The End, You Knew It Had To Be The Yankees

"The New York Yankees have reached a preliminary agreement with first baseman Mark Teixeira for $180 million over eight years. A person familiar with the negotiations disclosed the agreement, which is subject to a physical."[] » 12/23/08 3:45pm 12/23/08 3:45pm

Teixeira Announcement May Be Just Minutes, Or Seconds, Away

Well it was fun pretending that Mark Teixeira had chosen the Mets. But the Washington Times is reporting that a real announcement is close — like today close — and that the choice is ... » 12/23/08 2:15pm 12/23/08 2:15pm

Merciful Jesus May Be Ready To End Teixeira Drama

Mark Teixeira supposedly about to sign with someone, but no ones knows with whom, or for how much. So let's pretend it's the Mets. [] » 12/23/08 9:15am 12/23/08 9:15am

Teixeira Holding Up Entire Free Agent Market, Quest For World Peace

Our economy is in shambles, global warming threatens the planet and they're throwing loafers at us in Iraq. But if someone could just sign Mark Teixeira, the rest would fall neatly into place. » 12/18/08 3:15pm 12/18/08 3:15pm

It's All In Teixeira's Honor

We're leaving this evening for the Atlanta Pants Party — the All You Can Eat tickets we ended up buyingwill assure that we'll be sweating BBQ wings for the next week — so, to get in the spirit of the local franchise, we watched this video devoted to new Brave Mark Teixeira. We really hope they nailed this on the… » 8/16/07 4:30pm 8/16/07 4:30pm

Athlete Run-Ins: Fun With Mark Teixeira

One of our larger fears when we launched this whole Athlete Run-In series was that all the stories would be negative ones, in which athletes do something stupid or assholish, and we sit here and snicker and mock them and generally stay on the couch and make fun of people. Fortunately, as with the Matt Leinart story… » 11/21/05 11:25am 11/21/05 11:25am