The Easiest Way To Catch A 350-Pound Marlin

This video's apparently a few days old, but it's new to us. A group of fishermen floating near the Dominican Coast made the most effortless catch ever when a 350-pound blue marlin jumped onto their boat, essentially invalidating the whole point of fishing. » 8/27/13 8:26pm 8/27/13 8:26pm

The First Season Of Marlins Park Was A Tremendous Failure

The Miami Marlins opened their new ballpark in April to much pomp and fanfare and cringe-inducing spectacle, and there were great hopes that the empty orange seats that had come to represent the very idea of baseball in South Florida would fast become but a memory. Funny thing about that! The team, despite its… » 10/04/12 10:45am 10/04/12 10:45am

Adam Greenberg Is Getting A Topps Card

Adam Greenberg got his much anticipated first official major-league at-bat last night. R.A. Dickey struck him out on three pitches, but Topps thought his "dedication, hard work & persistence" were worthy of being immortalized on a baseball card. The stats on the back of that card are going to look pretty unusual. » 10/03/12 1:30pm 10/03/12 1:30pm

Seven Years After Getting Concussed By The First Pitch He Saw, Adam…

Adam Greenberg's career slash line is .000/1.000/.000. On July 9, 2005, Greenberg made his debut with the Chicago Cubs when he entered a game against the Marlins as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning. His major league debut ended abruptly, though, when Valerio de los Santos's first pitch, a 92-mph fastball, hit… » 9/27/12 12:50pm 9/27/12 12:50pm

Ozzie Guillen Went On A Truly Fantastic Twitter Rant In Which He…

Ozzie Guillen is back on Twitter, after three-and-a-half month sabbatical. Today he shared with the world his thoughts on Derek Jeter, Alex Cintron, football, and bullfighting, all in typical Ozzie fashion: » 9/13/12 7:45pm 9/13/12 7:45pm

Jason Bay Hit A Grand Slam, So Naturally Twitter Brought Out The Knives

Jason Bay has been having a bit of a rough go of it lately...this season...since he was diagnosed with that reverse-aging disease since joining the Mets. Mets fans can be tough crowd to please, too, so when Jason Bay hit a spirit-lifting grand slam during today's game to put the Mets up five on the Marlins, you know… » 9/02/12 2:30pm 9/02/12 2:30pm

Kelly Shoppach Returns, Casey McGehee Departs, And Nickelback Wins Again

Your roundup of all the hottest hot-stove items of the day (and whatever shit Ken Rosenthal is throwing against the wall.) This is ... HOT FUCKING STOVE!! » 12/13/11 7:18pm 12/13/11 7:18pm

This Evening: Still Trying To Score Tickets For That Reds-Marlins…

Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 24, the day we learned how much to tip whom, and for what. Photo credit @johnfayman, via The Big Lead. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 8/24/11 6:05pm 8/24/11 6:05pm

Marlins President Talks About His Penis Pump, Porn, Being Careful About…

Logan Morrison is one of baseball's most prolific tweeters, and some of his vaguely salacious tweets have landed him in vaguely hot water with management. David Samson, Marlins President, had this to say: » 6/04/11 12:00pm 6/04/11 12:00pm

Australian Cameraman Braves Shark-Infested Water To Film A Shark…

A couple of Australians sailed out into the ocean to release a marlin back into the wild. That sounds like a nice story, right? Well, it would have been, if a giant shark hadn't come out of nowhere to rip the marlin to pieces in front of them and their cameraman, who was stuck in the water at the time. » 2/22/11 4:20pm 2/22/11 4:20pm