Sean Payton Fesses Up: Marques Colston's Lateral Was A Designed Play

Marques Colston's very forward pass was one of the odder endings to a football game, and at first glance, one of the dumbest. But the Saints stayed strangely silent on the question of whether Colston was ad-libbing. Now we know: It was a designed play. » 1/14/14 9:06am 1/14/14 9:06am

Seahawks Beat Saints 23-15 Thanks In Part To Marques Colston's Stupidity

All Marques Colston needed to do was step out of bounds and give Drew Brees a shot at the end zone and, in turn, his Saints a shot at tying today's game in Seattle. Instead he decided to try his hand at quarterbacking himself—and cost his team that one chance at winning. » 1/11/14 7:50pm 1/11/14 7:50pm