Shaka Smart-To-Marquette Reports Came From Student Journalist

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel now tells us Shaka Smart is not likely to take the head basketball coaching position at Marquette. Why, then, were TV stations in Milwaukee all breathlessly reporting the breaking news that he'd be the new leader of the Golden Eagles? A source inside one of those newsrooms tells us this… » 3/25/14 5:11pm 3/25/14 5:11pm

Shaka Smart Not Actually Marquette's New Coach, Despite TV Reports

Here's a sampling of Milwaukee newscasts from this evening. They all assert that current VCU head basketball coach Shaka Smart is taking over for Buzz Williams at Marquette. One problem: that's not true. » 3/25/14 12:52am 3/25/14 12:52am

Former Marquette Basketball Player Now Has A Balloon Gift Box Business

Dominic James had a nice four-year career for Marquette's men's basketball team from 2005-2009, playing overseas for a bit after graduating. But these days, he's running a balloon business with his wife. It's quite the career change. » 3/19/14 7:50pm 3/19/14 7:50pm

Marquette's Deonte Burton Ruined Someone With A Dunk

Deonte Burton—of Marquette, not Nevada—absolutely wrecked Samford's Emeka Ikezu on this slam from yesterday's game. Watching it from the floor is delightful. » 12/29/13 11:40am 12/29/13 11:40am

Alleged Drunk Driver Seriously Injures Voice Of Marquette Basketball…

Steve "The Homer" True, a Milwaukee sports-talk personality and the longtime radio voice of Marquette basketball, sustained a serious head injury yesterday morning when the car he was driving was struck by an alleged drunk driver. As of last night, according to TV station WISN, True was listed in critical condition at… » 11/14/13 3:32pm 11/14/13 3:32pm

Marquette Lacrosse Player Accused Of Dropping Acid, Punching Cop

Rough Saturday for Charley Gargano, sophomore lacrosse player at Marquette. He may not have the typical laxbro name (too ethnic), but he's got the hair and the arrest record. » 9/20/13 5:55pm 9/20/13 5:55pm

Your Marquette-Syracuse Open Thread [UPDATE: Now it's a Wichita…

If you're watching at home, feel free to participate however you want—we put a big yelling Baye Keita Cleanthony Early picture up there in case you'd rather annotate something, or just yak about whatever in the discussion—and enjoy this last and pleasantly coincidental gasp of the Big East as we know it, in an arena… » 3/30/13 4:35pm 3/30/13 4:35pm

Here's How Marquette Erased A Six-Point Davidson Lead In The Final…

Vander Blue took over in the final moments to lead Marquette past an upset-minded Davidson team today in Lexington, though a brutal blunder on the Wildcats' part sealed their fate as much as the Golden Eagles' suddenly hot shooting. » 3/21/13 5:58pm 3/21/13 5:58pm

Refs Botched Last Night's UConn-Marquette Overtime, Had Teams Shoot At…

Officials mutilated the start of an overtime period last night in Milwaukee, casting doubt on the outcome of what would eventually be a 82-76 Marquette victory over UConn and tarnishing the already-black reputation of referee Karl Hess. » 1/02/13 11:00am 1/02/13 11:00am

What's Next For The Big East's Non-Football Schools?

So what do the Big East's non-football schools do now that they've pulled the old it's-not-you-it's-me routine and broken up with the Big East? They can form their own seven-team conference, but a basketball league with Georgetown, Villanova, and Marquette isn't all that appealing when it also only includes St.… » 12/14/12 6:40pm 12/14/12 6:40pm

The Jovial, Bleak, Affectionate Bully That Was Rick Majerus Simply…

Today, a week after his death, many of Rick Majerus' friends, former players and colleagues gathered to wish the basketball coach farewell from this mortal coil. Del Harris and George Karl were reportedly there, as was Glenn Rivers, whose nickname Majerus pinned on him years ago when he saw the young man wearing a… » 12/08/12 10:20pm 12/08/12 10:20pm

As It Turns Out, Outdoor Basketball On A Hardwood Floor In November Is…

Last night, the daytime temperature in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina was 69 degrees, followed by a nighttime low of 34 degrees. If we understand condensation correctly, water droplets form on hard surfaces when the temperature of the surface drops below the dew point of the air which is in contact with the surface.… » 11/10/12 9:45am 11/10/12 9:45am

The Carrier Classic Is Back, And It's Still Gorgeous

It's the second year for the Carrier Classic, the season tip-off played on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Tonight, the Notre Dame and Ohio State women play first on the USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor, with the Marquette and OSU men to follow. One day, if they keep doing this, it's going to get old. It's going to… » 11/09/12 6:35pm 11/09/12 6:35pm

Marquette Coach Buzz Williams Flirted With Death By Dancing In Front Of…

Given that Morgantown is a place where they murder people with bows and arrows, Marquette head basketball coach Buzz Williams probably wasn't smart when he decided to dance a solo tango on the WVU court after the Golden Eagles' 61-60 win over the Mountaineers last night. (It didn't help that he was dancing in time… » 2/25/12 11:15am 2/25/12 11:15am

Marquette's Campus Rappers Have Composed A Fight Song Worthy Of An 11…

Well, since the Big East bellyflopped in the tourney's first weekend, we have two teams—UConn and, uh, Marquette—left reppin' the supposedly superior conference that started with 11 teams on Thursday. » 3/22/11 9:00pm 3/22/11 9:00pm

Trio of Bros Sing About Marquette Basketball

Ever wonder what a song about financial aid that samples Free Fallin' would sound like? How about a bunch of bros rap-defending Taylor Swift? Or an acoustic take on Axe Shower Gel? » 10/03/10 3:15pm 10/03/10 3:15pm

Jesuits Attacked By Ferocious Dogs: Washington-Marquette Open Thread…

Quincy Pondexter and the You-Dub Huskies go up against Lazar Haywood and Marquette. Will Buzz Williams walk it out to Round 2? Can Isiah Thomas II: Electric Boogaloo break some ankles and some hearts? » 3/18/10 7:20pm 3/18/10 7:20pm

NCAA Tournament Live Blog: (6) Marquette vs (11) Utah State

Your live blogger for this game will be the quaint Marquettian Christopher Cwik. As far as I'm told, he's no relation to the Nestlé family. » 3/20/09 12:25pm 3/20/09 12:25pm

NCAA First Round: (6) Marquette vs. (11) Utah State

West Region: No. 6 Marquette (24-9) vs. No. 11 Utah State (30-4)
When: Friday, 12:30 p.m., EDT
Where: Taco Bell Arena, Boise, Idaho


1) More Dominic James Melodrama The oft-maligned Dominic James was Marquette's most important player, despite Doug Gottlieb-esque 46% free throw shooting. In his… » 3/19/09 9:55am 3/19/09 9:55am