Chris Kluwe And Brendon Ayanbadejo File A "Cockmonster"-Free…

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo have been the most outspoken proponents of gay marriage in the NFL, if not in all of sports. This fall, they found themselves on the right side of gay-marriage referendums in their respective states, Minnesota and Maryland, whereupon both Kluwe and… » 2/28/13 2:35pm 2/28/13 2:35pm

How NFL Players Found Their Voice On The Marriage-Equality Issue

When Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wrote his famous "lustful cockmonster" letter to a Maryland state delegate back in September, he wasn't just defending gay marriage: Kluwe was also sticking up for Brendon Ayanbadejo. » 11/09/12 1:50pm 11/09/12 1:50pm