The Best Way To Have Tom Brady And Ed O'Neill Sign The Same Football

One might think that it's weird to have Tom Brady and Ed O'Neill autograph the same football, because it kind of is. But if you're going to try and pull off such a feat—hey, maybe you need a gift for your dear friend who loves the Patriots and middle-brow ABC comedies—do what reader Tom did: » 1/09/14 2:58pm 1/09/14 2:58pm

Steve Bartman's True Identity Revealed: He's Al Bundy

First, we brought you the Jose Canseco joke that launched a thousand Jose Canseco jokes. Now, we bring you evidence that Steve Bartman is Al Bundy. Or perhaps even more insidious, Bartman was merely a stooge in a wide ranging conspiracy to prove the writers of Married...With Children soothsaying oracles (neighbor… » 5/13/12 11:20am 5/13/12 11:20am