Report: Fred Jackson Crashes Sports Car While Racing Marshawn Lynch (UPDATES)

According to TMZ, Seattle Seahawks running back Fred Jackson crashed his Corvette into a planter box while drag racing teammate Marshawn Lynch outside of the team’s Renton (Wash.) practice facility. TMZ reports that Jackson and Lynch were racing down a straight public road when the accident happened, and Seahawks… »10/20/15 9:03pm10/20/15 9:03pm


Seahawks Coaches Don't Mind Marshawn Lynch's Mom Calling For Darrell Bevell's Job

The Seahawks’ predilection for theatrics generally works well for them—they’re winning, after all, and nothing can be too deleterious when you win. Which is why, if you’re a fan of drama, this team is going to be fun when it starts losing. The lighthearted controversies will turn histrionic, and there will be a lot of… »9/17/15 9:20am9/17/15 9:20am

Marshawn Lynch May Be The Best Kickball Player Ever

Here we have some video of Marshawn Lynch playing kickball at a charity barbecue event in Oakland. And holy hell, I have absolutely no clue where Lynch’s first kick ends up! He kicks the ball so hard it appears to vanish into thin air. On his second kick, Lynch opted for a more traditional home run, and the plebes… »7/12/15 4:20pm7/12/15 4:20pm

Report: Marshawn Lynch's Biopic Won't Be Released Because It's So Bad

The internet was treated in February to roughly four minutes of sloppily edited footage featuring Marshawn Lynch for what appeared to be a biopic based on the Seahawks running back. (Watch it here.) Those four minutes are apparently all the public will get, because Family First is reportedly never seeing the light of… »7/07/15 3:00pm7/07/15 3:00pm

Marshawn Lynch Dives Into "End Zone" Full Of Skittles On Conan

The notably media-reluctant Marshawn Lynch has been popping up on TV a bit more in the offseason, and was Conan O’Brien’s guest tonight as the late night talker set up an “end zone” full of Skittles for the star running back to dive backward into. He even did his signature dick grab. »6/30/15 12:04am6/30/15 12:04am

Marshawn Lynch Embraces Draymond Green's Mom For Talking "Real Shit"

Oakland native and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is on the premises for today’s Warriors NBA title celebration, and somehow ended up live on CSN with Dramond Green’s mother. Lynch was so moved by Ms. Babers-Green that he risked his own mother’s disapproval and hugged the Warriors forward’s mom, lauding… »6/19/15 2:50pm6/19/15 2:50pm

Pete Carroll Tries To Explain What The Fuck He Was Thinking

Here is Pete Carroll fumbling around an explanation for why he decided to throw against the Patriots on 2nd-and-1 from the one-yard line instead of unleashing Marshawn Lynch a couple of times. In the next day or two you will read hundreds of paragraphs about why it was a bad decision, but I think this unnamed Seahawk… »2/01/15 11:15pm2/01/15 11:15pm

This Claymation Beast Quake Is Almost As Good As The Real Thing

You know that free time you're wasting by reading this website? Stop doing that, and go create something even half as cool as this claymation Beast Quake from Instagram user azxd. Featuring the audio call from the real Beast Quake and defenders rising from the ground like zombies, it's the perfect way to get pumped… »1/31/15 5:45pm1/31/15 5:45pm

Marshawn Lynch's Outtakes From Gaming With Gronk Are Also Very Funny

Marshawn Lynch and Gronk played some video games on Conan's show the other day and it was great. Attempting to satiate an insatiable demand for all things Marshawn Lynch, Team Coco has uploaded a video of outtakes from the shoot, appropriately calling it "Marshawnisms." What's a Marshawnism? Probably something like… »1/31/15 4:15pm1/31/15 4:15pm

Marshawn Lynch And Gronk Got Together To Play Some Video Games

Conan had Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch on his show to play the yet-to-be-released Mortal Kombat X, and there was really no way the premise couldn't deliver. Come for the discussion about Mario Kart characters, and stay for Marshawn Lynch teaching Conan how to properly taunt the opposition by grabbing your nuts.… »1/30/15 1:32am1/30/15 1:32am