Will An Innovative Approach To World Cup Training Pay Off For Brazil?

You probably remember this moment triumphantly, but Brazilians certainly don’t. The quarterfinal matchup at the 2011 World Cup between Brazil and the United States went into extra time, and Marta scored just two minutes in. The Americans, down a woman since a 65th minute red card, assaulted the goal for a half hour to… »6/08/15 3:22pm6/08/15 3:22pm


Look Ma, No Bra: The Women's World Cup Grows Up With Rapinoe To Wambach

When Brandi Chastain scored the fifth and final penalty kick in the 1999 Women's World Cup to defeat China, I was sitting in front of more big-screen televisions than I'd ever seen before at the Bowl-O-Rama restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and I was almost eleven years old. After it was over, as Chastain… »7/11/11 5:00pm7/11/11 5:00pm