Martin Brodeur Gets The Bittersweet Goodbye Nobody Wanted

Martin Brodeur's 688th win capped a celebratory and mournful night in Newark, as fans sent off the face of their franchise with a tentative goodbye. Unlike Teemu Selanne, who was in a situation where he could run up the odometer and exit at a time of his own choosing, Brodeur may have just run out of gas before he was… »4/14/14 10:37am4/14/14 10:37am

The Six Saddest Things About Martin Brodeur's Biggest Twitter Fan

As they do each year, the folks at EA Sports are conducting a fan vote to select the cover player for NHL 14. It's come down to Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, probably in line for the Vezina, and Devils legend Marty Brodeur. Fans can vote on Twitter with a specific hashtag. Sometimes this goes very wrong. »5/31/13 9:39am5/31/13 9:39am

Martin Brodeur Scores Goal Against Carolina Hurricanes (Sort Of)

This is one way to come back from an injury. Early in the first period, the Devils were called for a penalty so, as teams always do, Carolina pulled the goalie to get a man advantage until New Jersey could possess the puck. It's a pretty fail-safe strategy in that it's virtually impossible for anything bad to happen… »3/21/13 8:06pm3/21/13 8:06pm

The First Three Sentences In The NYT Magazine's Profile Of Martin Brodeur Are Dumb

It's something of a treat when a serious literary concern, such The New York Times Magazine, heads to the rink to cover the NHL. Like a highbrow SportsCenter, this corner of the media never pays puck much regard. So: how is Charles McGrath's new profile of Martin Brodeur? It starts like this: »2/21/13 7:17pm2/21/13 7:17pm