Infernal Affairs Can't Escape The Departed's Shadow, But Watch It Anyway

Hong Kong action-movie directors have picked up a lot from Martin Scorsese. Think of John Woo in particular: the brotherly criminal-underworld bonding in A Better Tomorrow, the gliding camera moves of The Killer, that endless and amazing tracking shot in Hard Boiled. When you consider that Woo basically invented the… »11/06/15 4:38pm11/06/15 4:38pm


Report: Martin Scorsese Drops Cristiano Ronaldo From New Movie

Last month, Martin Scorsese reportedly cast Cristiano Ronaldo in his upcoming movie, The Manipulator, which is apparently about mega-rich Italian real estate agent Alessandro Proto. The Italian has claimed that he is, in fact, the inspiration for the titular Christian Grey of “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” Now, according to… »10/17/15 1:06pm10/17/15 1:06pm