Marty Brennaman Gets Real Dark, Real Quick During Twitter Q&A Segment

Marty Brennaman, Hall of Fame broadcaster for the Cincinnati Reds, was asked what his greatest fear was during a Twitter question segment (during the game) and he levelled with us all. "That's a serious question...that's one that, uh, I would not make light of," he says, and holy shit, he is not kidding. » 6/24/14 12:12am 6/24/14 12:12am

Watch Hall Of Fame Broadcasting Legend Marty Brennaman Flip The Bird

Longtime Reds radio man Marty Brennaman is a legend in the industry, and earned the Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick award in 2000 as recognition of his contributions. Tonight he flipped the bird toward the Colorado Rockies' TV team, and we wholeheartedly support it. » 5/10/14 9:50pm 5/10/14 9:50pm

The Reds Won 10 In A Row, So Now Marty Brennaman Has To Shave His Head…

Marty Brennaman doesn't have a ton of hair left, it's true. But what remains atop the Reds radio voice's dome is white and poofy and instantly recognizable, and come Friday, it's going to be on the clubhouse floor. » 7/30/12 1:10pm 7/30/12 1:10pm

Marty Brennaman Is Unlikely To Receive A Statue Outside Wrigley Field

Marty Brennaman has been the voice of the Cincinnati Reds since 1974, taking over for, of all people, Al Michaels. He's a legacy broadcaster, like the Bucks and the Carays; his son Thom is a FOX broadcaster, works with him in Cincinnati and was once a Cubs broadcaster. Oh, yes, the Cubs: It appears Marty is no fan of… » 4/18/08 1:35pm 4/18/08 1:35pm