Harrison Accuser Dies From Gunshot Wounds

Dwight Dixon, the man who accused Marvin Harrison of shooting him back in 2008, was shot again this July and never regained consciousness. He died on Friday. No charges have been filed in either case. [Philly Daily News] » 9/09/09 12:25pm 9/09/09 12:25pm

Has Marvin Harrison's Shady Past (And Present) Finally Caught Up To Him?

The muddled circumstances surrounding Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison's invovement in a shooting last week are slowly coming together. The facts: it was Harrison's gun that was used; six casings from his gun were found; Harrison was interviewed and had a fistfight with a man; some people got shot. » 5/08/08 4:15pm 5/08/08 4:15pm