Is This a University of Maryland Basketball Player's Dick, or What?

Sometimes, athletes have to take photos in their uniforms for promotional reasons, but because they're not actually playing anything they just wear normal underwear and then walk into a room and stand in front of a camera and go about their days. Sometimes, because of this, you can see their dicks. »2/12/15 6:27pm2/12/15 6:27pm


Heroic Ospreys Will Not Stop Building Nests on This Traffic Camera

The osprey, Pandion haliaetus, is a bird of character. The ancient poets knew this, and the Maryland Transportation Authority is discovering it the hard way. Last week, a pair of ospreys decided to build their nest on a platform overlooking the approach to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, where the MDTA keeps a traffic… »4/22/14 1:38pm4/22/14 1:38pm

Thursday Night Preview: Maryland at Virginia Tech and #12 TCU at #8 Utah

Remember how I said that Versus stole a march on ESPN back when TCU played BYU and Florida State was playing N.C. State on Thursday October 16? Yeah, it's happened again. Only this time the game is on CBS College Sports. Which, if you're like me, you don't get on your television package because Comcast doesn't carry… »11/06/08 1:00pm11/06/08 1:00pm