Fire Extinguisher Becomes Weapon In Fight Between Robin Lopez And The Rockets Mascot

Robin Lopez does not like mascots. He has had an ongoing series of beeves with just about every mascot in the NBA, including our friend Clutch the bear here. You may recall the wonderfully cryptic interview he gave about his disdain for the Toronto Raptor, but he is by no means limited to anti-reptile violence. »11/22/15 10:11am11/22/15 10:11am


After All That, The University Of North Dakota Chose A Boring New Nickname

The University of North Dakota has been engaged in a search for a new nickname for the past year, after they decided to end a decade-long battle with the NCAA and at least one Native American tribe and give up their Fighting Sioux nickname. They solicited suggestions online and received thousands, many of them … »11/19/15 9:02am11/19/15 9:02am

Know Your GIF: This ad-libbed slapping of Hugo the Hornet actually happened six years ago

This is the perfect GIF gag. From the setup (Look out! Somebody warn him there’s a human in that blow-up mascot!) to the action (Boo! JESUS CHRIST! Haha! He fell!) to the reaction (Guy quickly recovers, realizes he still has a blunt object in his right hand, uses it as weapon) to the aftermath (Guy coolly walks away… »10/22/15 9:52pm10/22/15 9:52pm

Texas Avenges Their Sick Bovine Mascot, Shocks Oklahoma

The run-in to this week’s rivalry game against Oklahoma did not go well for Texas. First, Charlie Strong called social media “the downfall of society” in response to Kris Boyd tweeting about transferring during halftime. Then, his team kind of proved him right and got into some public squabbling about commitment.… »10/10/15 3:50pm10/10/15 3:50pm

Angry Brazilian Mascot Flips His Shit, Rips Off His Head After Offside Call

Mascots are traditionally meant to bring joy and levity to sporting proceedings, which you’d think would be especially true of O Vovô (the Grandpa), the mascot for Brazilian team Ceará. This guy couldn’t keep his cool after seeing a Ceará goal disallowed though, and blew a gasket. »9/30/15 5:22pm9/30/15 5:22pm

Man Accused Of Stealing Mascot Costume And Partying: "I Was Ragin' Dude"

Police arrested a North Carolina man last Sunday after he allegedly stole a minor league baseball team’s mascot costume and partied around Charlotte while wearing it. The mugshot and mullet of Joe Gillespie, who was charged with possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana, contained so much mystery, but… »9/30/15 1:24pm9/30/15 1:24pm

A Troll Is Trying To Hijack The University Of North Dakota's Search For A New Nickname

When we last checked in with the University of North Dakota in the spring, they had convened a nickname committee to trawl through thousands of nominations to find something suitable to replace the Fighting Sioux. On July 21, the nickname committee met and agreed on five finalists (but not before sitting through a … »9/15/15 10:12pm9/15/15 10:12pm

Irony Is Dead: Bakersfield Condors Unveil Oil-Themed Mascot

Condors are majestic creatures. The California Condor, which historically ranged across the West Coast and Southwest (and even to Florida way back in the day), is the largest land bird in North America. In the late 1980s the California Condor went extinct in the wild, due to poaching and various types of environmental… »9/09/15 1:28am9/09/15 1:28am

Earthquakes Mascot Sacks Idiot On The Field, Gets Shoved By Opponents

San Jose Earthquakes mascot Q is no stranger to fighting with opponents, and (his?) attempt to tackle an Idiot On The Field after tonight’s International Champions Cup match against Club América earned some pushing and shoving from the Liga MX side’s players who didn’t take kindly to his treatment of the hooligan.… »7/15/15 1:27am7/15/15 1:27am

Woman Alleges Permanent Neck Injury Due To Marlins' Shark Attack

A lawsuit filed last month in Miami-Dade County court alleges a woman suffered serious and permanent injuries after being attacked by a fake shark during a 2013 Miami Marlins game. The Marlins, like most shitty (and a few good) teams, hold a mascot race between innings in a futile attempt to distract fans from the… »7/03/15 9:57am7/03/15 9:57am