Watch This Chicago 'L' Train Jump The Tracks And Run Up An Escalator

The other day, a Chicago Transit Authority operator apparently fell asleep, and the Blue Line train she was running consequently jumped the tracks at O'Hare and ran up a god damn escalator, injuring 32 people, causing an estimated $6 million in damage and screwing up commutes all over the city. Here is raw security… »3/26/14 12:07pm3/26/14 12:07pm


D.C. Councilmember Says The Nationals Won't Pay For Late-Night Metro Service Because MLB Won't Let Them

As the Washington Nationals march to their first postseason in the post-Expos era, a conflict is brewing over whether fans should have to literally march home after extra-late-for-TV playoff games. Unlike civilized mass transit systems, the D.C. Metro shuts down at midnight and costs $29,500 an hour to run overtime. »9/10/12 4:40pm9/10/12 4:40pm