"It's Sickening. And I was Embarrassed": Eric Winston Responds To Kansas City Fans Cheering Matt Cassel Injury

On, Matt Cassel's afternoon was described as "an unbridled disaster." He was 9-for-15 with 92 yards and two interceptions. He also had a fumble on a third-quarter drive where the Chiefs were actually moving the ball. Then in the fourth quarter he was knocked out of the game with a head injury. After writhing… »10/07/12 6:16pm10/07/12 6:16pm

The Promising Backups That Paved the Way for Matt Cassel's Padded Bank Account

Continuing with our economic theme today »11/15/08 3:30pm11/15/08 3:30pm, the market outlook seems awfully bullish for New England Patriots backup turned starter Matt Cassel. After his big time coming out party on Thursday night, in which Bill Simmons drunkenly compared him to John Elway, Cassel looks to have set himself up for quite a payday this…