Sergio Garcia Just Climbed Into A Tree Like A Monkey And Hit A…

When Sergio's Garcia errant shot got caught in a big ass tree today at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, he was basically screwed. The only thing he could've done was climb up that big ass tree after it, because you have to play the ball as it lies. So that's what he did, and it was spectacular and kind of defied the… » 3/24/13 3:54pm 3/24/13 3:54pm

This Interview With PGA Golfer Matt Every Is A Train Wreck

Matt Every leads the Sony Open in Hawaii by two strokes, but his play is being overshadowed by this bizarre interview with the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman in which his 2010 arrest for marijuana possession (and subsequent suspension from the tour) is addressed. Every's defensiveness suggests he was taken by… » 1/14/12 1:37pm 1/14/12 1:37pm