For Interfering With That Foul Ball The Other Day, Matt Geiger Got Called An Asshole By An Old Woman In A Wheelchair

Former NBA big man Matt Geiger has given a radio interview about the brain fart he had in the eighth inning of Sunday's Twins-Rays game, which we first showed you the other day. Geiger said he got caught up in the moment because he was hoping to get a ball he could give to his 4-year-old son. »4/25/12 12:45pm4/25/12 12:45pm


Former NBA Big Man Matt Geiger Was "Relocated" From Tropicana Field For Interfering With Carlos Peña On A Foul Ball

On a lazy Sunday in April, Matt Geiger—journeyman center for the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers—probably enjoys soaking in the sun and taking in a ballgame. Not necessarily at the same time, though, since he was at The Trop causing a scene and interfering with Carlos Peña on a routine foul pop… »4/22/12 10:19pm4/22/12 10:19pm

Matt Geiger Having Trouble Selling His $20 Million Dollar Mansion

Matt F'in Geiger has a twenty million dollar house? The company that agreed to buy his mansion for $21 million is not following through and now Geiger is suing. If you ever had any doubt that the NBA salary structures are completely out of whack, Matt Geiger is exhibit A. In his ten year NBA career Geiger never… »7/25/08 2:15pm7/25/08 2:15pm