Minnesota Vikings Beat Writer Wanted Mike Munchak To Sound The Rusty…

Matt Hasselbeck had kind of a rough day against the Vikings and probably deserved to get yanked, but I think we can all agree that Vikings beat writer Tom Pelissero was probably referring to the "sad trombone" or maybe the old vaudeville gimmick of pulling a guy off the stage with a cane when he sent this wonderful tweet … » 10/07/12 9:34pm 10/07/12 9:34pm

This Evening: Thanks To ESPN, Matt Hasselbeck's Hair Has Grown Back

Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 19, the day your oxygen tank totally took away from our enjoyment of classical music. H/T to Pony_Express for the screen grab. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 8/19/11 6:45pm 8/19/11 6:45pm