Padres Manager Pulled His Players To Screw With Everyone

With the MLB trade deadline tomorrow, fans are now on Early Exit Watch. Any player who leaves a game early will be considered to be involved in a trade, until proven otherwise. (Yesterday, the opposite happened.) When Justin Upton and Matt Kemp prematurely left Wednesday’s Padres game, the buzz started, but interim… »7/30/15 3:25pm7/30/15 3:25pm


After Brawl, Matt Kemp Confronts Carlos Quentin In Parking Lot

Nobody was angrier about Carlos Quentin's decision to charge the mound and break Zack Greinke's collarbone last night than Matt Kemp. He was so angry, in fact, that he confronted Quentin in the parking lot after the game, and the two had to be separated by police officers. Thankfully, an AP photographer was on the… »4/12/13 10:24am4/12/13 10:24am

Matt Kemp Now Has A Massive Tattoo Of His Grandparents On His Chest

The Dodgers' outfielder got the custom ink to pay tribute to his grandparents, Doris and the late Vernon Mukes. Vernon had died in November. What's not known is whether Doris is cool with Kemp's decision here. In August 2011, on the subject of Kemp getting any tats at all, Sports Illustrated quoted her disapprovingly:… »1/16/13 3:05pm1/16/13 3:05pm

In A Possible Metaphor For The Dodgers' Season, Matt Kemp Smashed Into The Wall At Full Speed

Matt Kemp has already missed 51 games this year due to injury. But these new look Dodgers opened up the checkbook, stocked the larder, and are attempting to make a playoff surge anchored by a healthy Kemp. Oh look, there's Matt Kemp running directly into a wall, and there's the Dodgers' third straight loss. »8/29/12 11:55am8/29/12 11:55am

Matt Kemp's Tirade Was Too Obscene For One Young Pirates Fan [UPDATE]

In the middle of Andre Ethier's second-inning at-bat today in Pittsburgh, Matt Kemp (who was in the dugout and had struck out the previous inning) was jawing at home plate umpire Angel Campos, who warned Kemp at least once to cool it. (The first thing you can hear here is Campos telling Kemp, "I don't want to hear… »8/16/12 6:20pm8/16/12 6:20pm

The Dodgers Have The "Worst Fans In Baseball," Says Giants Beat Writer

The Dodgers and Giants rivalry has been ugly for 50 years, and nothing will probably change that. Certainly, after the Bryan Stow attack of last March, diplomatic relations between the two definitively plowed past some point-of-no-return (though peace was likely always a lost cause). Animosity between the sides, so … »5/08/12 12:10pm5/08/12 12:10pm