Rodney Harrison Is An Idiot. Let Rob Gronkowski Dance!

You may have seen this video of Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski and tackle Matt Light, fresh off of losing the Super Bowl, doing what I would be probably be doing if I just lost the biggest game of my life: getting shitfaced, dancing shirtless, and trying to get laid. But of course, Rodney Harrison doesn't approve of… »2/09/12 1:41pm2/09/12 1:41pm

Rob Gronkowski, Shirtless Matt Light Danced Away Their Sorrows After The Super Bowl

Ever wonder what the losers do after the big game? Well, some sulk in hotel rooms. Others cry in their beer. And some dance. They dance like no one's watching, even when someone is watching, which is what many people were doing last night as Matt Light took off his shirt and started to boogie, according to the friend… »2/06/12 2:55pm2/06/12 2:55pm