Reminder: The Jets Aren't The Only Team With A Dismal QB Situation

This week, the Oakland Raiders announced that Terrelle Pryor will be the team's starting quarterback in Week 1. We're all for that, because Pryor at least has a chance to make Raiders games somewhat exciting, but's Michael Silver is reporting that not everyone in the Raiders organization is on board with… »9/05/13 11:26am9/05/13 11:26am


Penn State Wide Receiver Reportedly Knocks Out Quarterback Matt McGloin In Locker Room Scuffle

According to various Penn State reporters' twitter feeds, handily pieced together by Larry Brown Sports, the Penn State locker room played host to some more horsing around today as wide receiver Curtis Drake knocked out Matt McGloin following some "jawing in practice." »12/17/11 5:56pm12/17/11 5:56pm

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