Hey, Matt Schaub Threw Another Pick-Six. How's He Keep Doing It?

Poor Matt Schaub found himself back in the funny pages yesterday. With Oakland already trailing St. Louis 42-0 in the fourth quarter, Schaub entered in relief of Derek Carr and promptly fumbled on a sack for a turnover, threw yet another pick-six on the following drive, and fumbled again for good measure on the next.… »12/01/14 8:37am12/01/14 8:37am


Texans Blast "No-Class" Fans For Cheering Matt Schaub's Injury

The urge is understandable. The Texans have been losing, and losing ugly, and Matt Schaub has looked awful. And then he's injured, and the id says This means someone else is going to be our quarterback! and the instinct is to cheer that. But usually, human decency or at least basic self-awareness step in. Not in… »10/14/13 11:10am10/14/13 11:10am

Who Wants To Sex J.J. Watt? Bengals-Texans, In Three Gifs

So, 23 years now, and a guaranteed extra 365 days (at least) on that 8,400 day playoff winless streak for the Bengals. Yikes! They sure do suck. Matt Schaub played just OK but still completed 29/38 passes, Arian Foster ran for 140 yards, and J.J. Watt continued to be a sort of revolutionarily good defensive end. Watt… »1/05/13 8:00pm1/05/13 8:00pm