Oregon Football Players Refuse To Lay Low For Awhile

Walk-on Matt Simms is charged with assaulting a man that he thought was responsible for stomping teammate Rob Beard last week. He was probably mistaken, but impulse control is not the Ducks' strong suit. [KVAL] » 2/02/10 10:15am 2/02/10 10:15am

Matt Simms Can Roll A Fat One (In A Slightly Different Fashion Than…

You might not have realized that Phil Simms actually has two football playing sons. The first is Chris Simms, of course, who was John Amaechi before it was COOL to be John Amaechi. But the second is Matt Simms, who is about to attend Louisville and has proven to be a bit of an asshead. » 2/09/07 10:30am 2/09/07 10:30am