Dallas Buyers Club Is Gay History For Straight People

In his blistering, deeply moving Grantland essay about 12 Years A Slave, Wesley Morris lays waste to decades of white-guilt piety in films about racism and slavery—A Time To Kill, Cry Freedom, Glory—in a single sentence: "They've been appeals to white audiences by white characters talking to other white characters… »10/30/13 5:45pm10/30/13 5:45pm

The 16 Fall Movies You Should Be Excited About: A Guide

Labor Day is the signpost every year that the sugary summer junk is behind us and that the nutritious square meal of awards season has finally arrived. That's the theory, anyway: In actuality, summer movies like Before Midnight and Fruitvale Station will be as well-received as any Oscar bait, and the biggest hits this… »9/04/13 5:48pm9/04/13 5:48pm

Watch Your Favorite Actors Humiliate Themselves In The Paperboy, The Worst Movie Of The Year

In 2003, Matthew McConaughey starred in a film called Tiptoes that went straight to video. It might seem odd that this film would go straight to video, considering its cast included McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale, Gary Oldman, Patricia Arquette, and Peter Dinklage. But then you see what the film was about: »10/04/12 5:45pm10/04/12 5:45pm

Killer Joe Is the Most Amoral, Repugnant, Fantastic Movie You'll See All Year

About three-quarters of the way through Killer Joe, the terrific and cheerfully evil film opening this Friday, Matthew McConaughey pointedly, if seemingly absently, picks up a chicken leg from a bucket of KFC. You might not realize it at the time, but this is the Chekov's Gun of chicken legs. This is a chicken leg… »7/24/12 4:30pm7/24/12 4:30pm