Max Scherzer Blows Perfect Game By Hitting The 27th Batter, Gets No-No

Max Scherzer downed 26 Pirates in order today but failed to achieve baseball’s 24th perfect game when he hit Pirates pinch-hitter Jose Tabata with a pitch on a 2-2 count. Scherzer struck out 10 in the 6-0 Nationals victory in Washington, just days after earning a game score that was among the best in history. Oh, and… » 6/20/15 6:34pm 6/20/15 6:34pm

Max Scherzer Pitched One Of The All-Time Games Today

Max Scherzer put the Milwaukee Brewers in his pocket and took ‘em for a walk Sunday, effortlessly pitching a complete game, one-hit shutout while striking out 16. He threw 119 pitches and walked one, with the only hit coming off a bloop single in the seventh. It was, pretty much literally, better than perfect. » 6/14/15 9:20pm 6/14/15 9:20pm

Orioles Win, Pound Tigers With Eight Run Eighth Inning

Max Scherzer was right. When Tigers manager Brad Ausmus strolled to the mound to pull him out of Thursday night's ALDS opener, Scherzer was observably unhappy. Sure, he'd yielded four runs across 7 1/3 innings to the Orioles, and Alejandro De Aza had just ripped a double off of him. Scherzer is the reigning Cy Young… » 10/02/14 10:04pm 10/02/14 10:04pm

Max Scherzer Rejects "Substantial" Offer; Tigers Play Greedy Card

This morning, the Tigers woke up and decided to call their reigning Cy Young winner greedy. Max Scherzer was apparently offered a long-term deal "that would have placed him among the highest paid pitchers in baseball" and he turned it down. So the Tigers put out a press release killing him for it and informing the… » 3/23/14 10:29am 3/23/14 10:29am