The Maya Rudolph Show Is Half-Man, Half-Muppet, And All Woman

"Men invented nepotism and practically live by it. It's okay for women to do it, too." All week long, I've been thinking about that quote from Roxane Gay's forthcoming essay collection, Bad Feminist—a prayer-hands-emoji-inducing aphorism that echoed again during last night's premiere of The Maya Rudolph Show, a campy,… »5/20/14 1:32pm5/20/14 1:32pm


Is It OK For A Movie Trailer To Lie? Or, Why Friends With Kids Is Definitely Not Bridesmaids 2

Last October, a Detroit woman named Sarah Deming filed suit against FilmDistrict for its misleading advertisements for the film Drive. Her claim was that the film's trailers had led her to believe the film was about driving rather than, you know, Ryan Gosling stomping in the orbital bones of various Angeleno… »3/06/12 5:10pm3/06/12 5:10pm