Hoboken Mayoral Candidate Burns Eli Manning In Dumb Open Letter

Poor Eli Manning. He's already five weeks into what is by far the worst season of his career, he's been playing with what is essentially a permanent Manning Face, and now he's catching shit from some guy who's running for the mayoralty of Hoboken, N.J. » 10/10/13 11:15am 10/10/13 11:15am

Who Deserves to Be Baseball Mayor of New York?

The New York Times today alerted its readers to the urgent political news that Bill de Blasio, the current maybe co-front-runner for the Democratic mayoral nomination, identifies as a fan of the Boston Red Sox. According to the paper, tradition appears to require that the city's chief executive be a fan of the… » 8/21/13 12:15pm 8/21/13 12:15pm