How A Career Ends: Mike Marshall, Ph.D., The Outcast Screwballer Turned…

Tell Me When It's Over is an interview series in which we ask former athletes about the moment they knew their playing days were over. Today: Mike Marshall, the rubber-armed screwballer who won the 1974 National League Cy Young Award and who now believes his unconventional methods could eradicate pitching-arm injuries. » 4/17/12 11:30am 4/17/12 11:30am

Fixing The President's Throwing Motion

As you know, our commander-in-chief took the mound last night and did an excellent impression of a man trying to throw a party balloon. I asked some experts to evaluate Obama's mechanics and explain just what needed to be fixed. » 7/15/09 4:30pm 7/15/09 4:30pm