ESPN And AP Or The Times Screw Up On When Edinson Volquez Knew His Father Died (UPDATED)

An hour before the start of Game 1 of the World Series, the first report about the death of Royals starting pitcher Edinson Volquez’s father Daniel began circulating. It came courtesy of a radio station sports director in Volquez’s native Dominican Republic. Shortly afterwards it was confirmed by two ESPN Deportes… »10/28/15 2:07am10/28/15 2:07am


Steve Young Compares Peyton Manning To Obama, Or Something

I think Steve Young is trying to say that for Denver to beat Cincinnati tonight Peyton Manning needs to play well—which, duh—but did he need to use some garbled metaphor about Manning, Obama, and dictatorship to do it? Or is he trying to sneak some political commentary about Obama—go search Twitter for "Obama" and… »12/22/14 8:41pm12/22/14 8:41pm

Either Mark May Or Lou Holtz Burped Loudly On ESPN's College Football Halftime Show

Caught off guard when they threw it back to the studio during ESPN's halftime report, somebody burped loudly and directly into their microphone. We're thinking it probably wasn't Rece Davis, because he was getting ready to talk and seems to transition pretty well. So it could either be Mark May or Lou Holtz. »9/29/12 2:35pm9/29/12 2:35pm