Infographic: You're Better Off Guessing Than Listening To Mel Kiper

For most football fans, the NFL draft is associated with one name: Mel Kiper Jr. The ESPN analyst has been lauded as America's most famous draft expert for decades. We wondered how well his highly-publicized pre-draft rankings would hold up, though. Are the players Kiper claims will be NFL stars actually destined for… »4/26/13 4:59pm4/26/13 4:59pm

Ad On ESPN Homepage: Nothing Says Mother's Day Like The Gift Of Mel Kiper's Hair

I think the jeweler who bought the ad is going for the compatibility of trying to select a Mother's Day gift at the same time your favorite NFL team is trying to select the right draft pick. Synergy! But, really, Mel Kiper's hair as your pitch-hair? And let's be honest about using the draft as your tie-in: Mother's… »4/27/12 10:35am4/27/12 10:35am