Smash Mouth Singer Flips Shit; Band Just Wants To Play "All Star"

Remember how when the Titanic sunk, the band kept playing on the deck so the passengers wouldn’t completely lose it as the ship went down? This video is sort of like that. In it, you see Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell flip his shit as the crowd hassles him and pelts him with crumbs of bread. But the band, which… »6/15/15 11:34am6/15/15 11:34am


Packers Loss Sends Small Child Into Devastated Weeping Frenzy

Little man is legitimately upset here (and maybe a little sleepy), and with good reason. Green Bay's swift collapse yesterday was probably his first crushing sports loss, and he got a nice jersey on for the game and everything. His mom tries comforting him with a "we got next year," but next year is a long-ass time… »1/19/15 8:12pm1/19/15 8:12pm

Warren Sapp Called Brandon Marshall A "Retard," So Marshall Filmed Two Video Responses, Sideways, While Driving

On his radio show last week, Dan Patrick baited Warren Sapp into saying some dumb stuff about "kids these days"—how about Cam Newton celebrating a touchdown when his team is losing?! What a glory boy!—and Sapp took the bait, hook, line and sinker: not only did he incomprehensibly declare, "These kids that play the… »9/29/12 11:15am9/29/12 11:15am

Matt Kemp's Tirade Was Too Obscene For One Young Pirates Fan [UPDATE]

In the middle of Andre Ethier's second-inning at-bat today in Pittsburgh, Matt Kemp (who was in the dugout and had struck out the previous inning) was jawing at home plate umpire Angel Campos, who warned Kemp at least once to cool it. (The first thing you can hear here is Campos telling Kemp, "I don't want to hear… »8/16/12 6:20pm8/16/12 6:20pm

What The Hell Did Crazy Dennis Rodman Say In The Bleeped-Out Portion Of This Interview That So Terrified The Interviewer?

Dennis Rodman was on Yahoo's In Depth with Graham Bensinger recently to touch on a few issues. Issues like, how is he still alive at 50 years old? (No one knows.) Is he still batshit? (Yes, definitely.) And is he still partying his giant nose ring off? (See below.) »9/16/11 6:00pm9/16/11 6:00pm

Jose Canseco Knows What He Wants And Is Not Afraid To Ask The World For It

Day Two of the latest Jose Canseco sad-clown meltdown saw him preaching from the mountaintop ("Be careful with woman who show off there tits and ass and think that's a career"), real-talking ("I will never forget or forgive what u said to me leila ur evil"), serving as the phone company's Green Pages ("Compliments of… »7/10/11 4:30pm7/10/11 4:30pm

Memo to Adam Jones from Stephen A. Smith: You're Making All Black People Look Bad

Since the NBA season hasn't officially begun and the WWL has finally found out he's not as viable a sports star as they once hoped, Stephen A. Smith's visibility on ESPN has been limited. But last week Smith went into full-on ALL CAPS-mode while biding his time in the on-air personality purgatory known as 1st and 10 »10/13/08 4:30pm10/13/08 4:30pm.…